All You Need To Know About Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom remodeling in Orlando

How long to remodel a bathroom?

You might think of reconstructing or overhauling your outdated or nasty bathroom into a brand new, luxurious, clean one because a clean bathroom means a clean home! There are also many factors, like a clean and new bathroom can leave a good impression on your health, hygiene, and guests.

But it is important to understand how long bathroom remodeling can take. This job can take time when you choose a complex design, make structural changes, add new ideas, or include replumbing. However, fully remodeling a bathroom often takes one week to two weeks. 

Do you need a permit for bathroom remodeling? 

Before we talk about the need for a bathroom permit, let’s understand what a permit is in construction.

A permit is a type of permission you must take from a local government body for any construction or remodeling that includes structural change.

So, when you go for bathroom remodeling, which includes a change of structure, you definitely need a permit to work legally. 

Otherwise, you are legally authorized to work without a permit if you plan to keep the same structure and remodel the bathroom without changing its form.

Tip: It helps your property sell faster when you have a permit for reconstruction.

Which is the best time for bathroom remodeling?

A bathroom remodeling is best when you find your bathroom needs more maintenance and often has leaks, rust, and issues that require a plumber’s job. Of course, remodel a bathroom at that time can save you money from everyday maintenance and fixing broken things again and again. 


Now let’s talk about the best weather for bathroom remodeling in Florida. According to experts, overhauling the bathroom in winter is a good idea because of its less use. Moreover, you can install or fix the water heater similarly. In winter, due to less humidity, evaporation can be faster, and the wet elements used in overhauling your bathroom, like cement, concrete, glue, and grout, can dry more quickly.

How to remodel a bathroom?

When you decide to refurbish or remodel your bathroom, you must first consider the new design along with a color tone and work on its appearance. If you choose an expert bathroom remodeler, consider ASAP Service Plumbing because they can show you a visual appearance before working.

After confirming the design, it’s time to choose furniture, appliances, and bathroom accessories. Here, 40% of your budget can increase or decrease depending on the quality of the material you go for.

The next step is crucial and must be done carefully—the time to inspect the plumbing your bathroom need. You need an expert to figure out all the broken and loose pipe connections, fix the drains and replace the rusty pipes with new ones. Finally, you need to ensure the circuit board is working nicely and all the wires are in good condition, so the lightning should be brighter. Remember, a pleasant bathroom is always brighter! 

Finally, check everything, test all the newly installed things, and you are good to go with a newly refurbished bathroom.

Still do you have any questions? Connect with a bathroom remodeling expert now!